Servitore The Service Call Management Software

No matter how large your organization gets or how many customers you acquire, every customer deserves to have the highest level of service & support. Still some organizations have inefficient customer service practices in place, that bounce a customer from person to person making him or her repeat the nature of the call over & over. The solution however is easier than you think.With Servitore the Service Call Management Software, the only thing your customer will want to repeat is doing business with your organization.

  • Built on an experience of more than 15 years
  • Industry's best business practices and Practicalities of operations are in-built
  • Easy to use and ready to implement with minimal Time and Cost
  • Handles large volume of data with ease
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Capturing of Service Calls
  • Capture Items taken into custody
  • Assigning Calls to Engineers
  • Handling Multiple Action/Visits for a Service Call
  • Repeated Calls Handling
  • Pending Calls Analysis
  • Monthly Service and Quality Analysis
  • Engineer wise productivity and response time
  • Handling Area Wise Calls / Reports
  • Engineer Wise Revenue / Expenditure Report
  • Service bill generation with/without Service Tax
  • Service Invoice Register
  • Spares consumed for Service call billing
  • Service History of Customer
  • Preventive Maintenance Call Auto Reminder
  • Break Down Call Handling
  • Renewal Reminder alert for Maintenance Contract
  • Auto pop-up of MC alert on registering MC Customers Calls
  • Capture Warranty information
  • Reminder Alerts for Warranty closed items (You can propose for AMC)
  • Item Delivered / Not Delivered Status Report
  • SMS alerts to Engineers and Customers (Optional)
  • Email alerts to the Customer on registering a Service Call
  • Export data to Excel
  • Know your cost of expenses under Warranty / Out-of-Warranty
  • Generate DC to Vendors/ASP & Keep track of items pending from repair/replacement
  • Many more features to Handle all types of Service Calls & Reporting
  • Transfer/Re-Assign calls to different Engineer
  • ASP Calls Handling
  • Capture technical assistance given / required by Vendor/ASP