Android & IOS App Development

Android & IOS App Development

Apps are the key to harnessing the power of the mobile revolution. Whether you create an app as an extension of a traditional bricks and mortar business or as an enterprise all on its own, apps helps you with an enormous customer base in a way that no other technology really can. Our agency is capable of creating innovative, aesthetically appealing applications for iOS and Android that offer a superior user experience.

Laptech Services enables clients to experience the seamless advantages of mobility, direct availability and quick access. We always support discussing business requirements that are highly demanded and considered by companies for customized mobile app solutions. Laptech has extensive experience and expertise in building mobile applications solution that enables them to achieve client’s requirements precisely in order to enhance their business proficiency, efficiency, and functionality.

The smartphone technology has reached a whole new level due to the increase in demand for the latest mobile apps that can make the operation convenient and user-friendly. As more volume of the population is shifting to mobile phones for Internet surfing and performing small tasks, the importance of apps is at an all-time high. There are apps to perform almost all the functions like shopping, social media, providing information on many topics/fields, etc. So are you also planning to build a mobile app and looking for a reasonable rate? Then, you have landed on the right page.but still, you need to spend a lot of money to make the app developers work for you.

We have developed numerous applications with many different features and functionalities. While developing these applications, we have learnt about many frameworks, APIs and are now confident to build these features into your application. Even if we haven’t had experience with the feature you need, we are always keen to research and learn new technologies. After all, learning, experimenting and catching up with the latest technologies is what drives us.

Search Feature

Lots of content makes for a great app, but all that content quickly becomes cumbersome and unusable if it isn’t made easily accessible to the users. Most top-tier apps feature a search function to allow users to locate content that contains the keywords and key phrases relevant to what they need.

Networking Capabilities

Social sharing isn’t just for cat videos and kids’ pictures anymore. Social networks are becoming a de facto means for communicating and collaborating, especially among workers who are geographically separated and between workers and their customers. Make this easy and seamless by incorporating social sharing (as well as email sharing) directly from the app.

Responsive Design

Designing for Android and/or Apple devices is no longer enough. App developers also need to consider the range of screen sizes between the small ‘compact’ and ‘mini’ phones and the larger tablets. Some smartphones feature screens almost as big as a small tablet.

Less Keyboarding

When users are at a keyboard-mouse setup accessing your website, you can ask them lots of information and they can type, type, type away. This isn’t the case with mobile apps. Design the app for minimal use of the keyboard and make as much of the user experience as possible touch-based.

Allow for User Feedback

Sometimes the user just needs to express something. Giving users the ability to provide instant feedback is gratifying, and eliminates lots of calls to the tech support department.Allowing users to give you feedback definitely gives you and your developers helpful insight into what you need to add, eliminate, and change.

The Ability to Work Offline

Provide as much usability as possible without an Internet connection. This feature has to be balanced, of course, with the issue of data security. While you don’t want to load lots of sensitive data on mobile devices that will spend lots of time on busy commuter trains and coffee shops, you do want to enable at least some work to be done if Internet access isn’t available.