Bulk Email Services

Bulk Email Services

Another type of Internet marketing strategy to consider is email marketing. Email marketing is the process of sending out mass emails to active email accounts to promote a company’s product or service.

stead of customers coming to you, you can reach out to them. Email marketing allows business owners to reach out to millions of potential customers in a short period of time. Email marketing also allows business owners to stay in constant contact with their existing customers to update them on any ongoing promotion.

We are innovative Bulk Email Service provider company offering Email Marketing Service at most affordable rates.

Email marketing solution for any type of business, ranging from government, non-profit, small to large private organizations of diverse industry sectors and backgrounds.

Looking for cost-effective ways to send your mail in bulk? Finding ways to organize and manage your business mail? Let us help you with whatever your business mail needs, so you can better focus on your core business.

Import from Excel

With our bulk email software you can import more than 100000 contacts in 10 minutes time, you can import data from excel files or from any other database in CSV format.

Real Time Email Tracking and Reporting

Tracking email campaign is very simple and hassle free; with our bulk email marketing software you will get live open and click tracking reports.

Automatic Bounce Process

No need to worry about wrong email IDs in your list, You will get a detailed bounce report with soft and hard bounce separation, our bulk email software automatically remove all hard bounced emails from your email list.

Subscribe & Unsubscribe Option

Our bulk email software handles all Subscribe and Unsubscribe requests automatically, you can insert an Unsubscribe link in all email, when the user submit an Unsubscribe request the system automatically mark it as Unsubscribed.

Email Scheduling

You can create and schedule email campaigns in advance for future dates, it can be weeks, months or years. When the day come our bulk email software automatically send the email to the specified bulk email lists.

Advanced Anti Spam Checker

This is a very useful tool integrated with our bulk email software, you can check and remove the can-spam words in your email with this tool when you compose the email. This will help you to deliver the email to more people by bypassing the spam filters.