Bulk Voice SMS Services

Bulk Voice SMS Services

Today’s Voice calls are more cost effective as compared to the traditional mailers. Laptech allows you to reach your audience by fastest, economical and easiest way. Send voice sms to mobile phones or landlines anywhere.

Bulk Voice SMS is a simple communications technology that blasts a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. Bulk voice calls are prerecorded voice messages (in a language understood by a common majority or popular in a local district) to a mobile or landline networks across the country. Bulk voice calls are automated calls which involves automated dialing to hundreds of numbers at once using computer managed lists, playing a pre-recorded message to automatically dialed mobile or landline numbers.

Bulk voice call Platform allows you to send the Voice Ads/Pre recorded voice message in known language to any mobile or landline networks across the Country. Bulk Voice Calls is a powerful tool for publicity of the products/pass the message.

The major advantage of bulk voice call is, it provides access to many targeted people in relatively short period of time. Voice calls are also most cost effective in comparison to the traditional mailers.

High ROI

Interactive voice broadcasting helps you to make more than 300% return on investment.

Web-based Platform

Hardware is painful. Software is powerful. Web-based platform will do the work for you.

Personal Touch

Create a personal touch with every person you reach and encourage for an action.

Surveys & Feedback

It can be used for surveys, feedback, urgent message, welcome or thank you messages.

Political Campaigns

Easiest and cost-effective way to reach all voters with your custom message. It makes difference.

Lead Generation

It’s a best way to generate mature and qualified leads with minimum investment.