Whatsapp Marketing Services

Whatsapp Marketing Services

Today, the development of What’s App application of smart phones in most countries around the world, allowing users to communicate using text messages, photos, and video is overwhelming. What’s App has already reached 500 million active users around the world. On average, 320 Million users use WhatsApp daily. We offer you the opportunity to penetrate this huge new digital market. We provides best and fastest delivery of Bulk Whatsapp messages in worldwide. Laptech Services provides the 100% delivery assurance and fastest delivery at the same time.

Whatsapp had paved way to better communication ever since it entered the digital world. Wherever you are in the world, you can send your messages across anybody with just few touches of the buttons. And the best part of all this is- it’s for free! You only need to get connected through the Internet and you’re free to message away. And because Whatsapp does not limit its support on the platform of text messages but it also supports audio, video and image, communication had become even more dynamic.

Our WhatsApp Marketing Services is easily accessible across all the mobile networks available such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows

New App, New Identity!

WhatsApp has made it a point to differentiate business app from regular app effectively. So the first change will be a changed logo. Supposedly the logo design will be the same, instead of phone icon; “B” for business will be used.

Increased Convenience

Marketers needn’t be tied down to using the mobile number to register on WhatsApp, WhatsApp For Business will allow businesses to use landline number to register in the application.

Automatic Replies

This feature will let you take breathe by setting up automatic responses when you are away. This feature would be similar to the Facebook messenger. This will give an assurance to the user that you will be contacting them soon and portrays high professionalism.

Verified Business

Verified business accounts increase the credibility in front of a user. A green tick is all you need to show users that you are a legitimate company and they can converse with you without worries. It also helps you differentiate between the fake brand accounts.

Measure Everything

WhatsApp can be a great marketing channel for a business if used cautiously and appropriately. Many brands across the world have realized the hidden potential of WhatsApp. You need to be innovative enough to catch this medium.

Register landline numbers

The new WhatsApp allows businesses to use their landline numbers to register for the app. This is an improvement over the regular chat tool, as it allows only mobile number holders to register for the app. You can also include the type of business you are, a family owned or corporate business, while you register.